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Jennifer Ingalls

Be curious!

You must always be curious. Walt Whitman

Academic curiosity drives me, and thus it drives how I teach. I like learning new things, and I hope to pass that along to my students, so each year I teach nearly an entirely new curriculum. It is important to consider new ideas and new approaches to old ideas. I expect this will be another great year with the students at Kendrick High School!


Updated Information


Because I maintain separate websites for individual classes, I seldom update this page. Please use the Weebly websites (listed in conjunction with course descriptions to the right) in order to keep up on what is going on in my classes. Thank you!

By Connie Towne
By Connie Towne

My Classes

Speech: At KHS, Speech is offered for one semester, opposite Health, for Sophomores. Transfer students also enroll in the class if they have not completed it previously. Speech, just as the Language Arts classes I teach, is aligned with Idaho's Common Core State Standards.


English 10: English 10 is English Composition and International Literature. We will study both classic and contemporary authors and write analyses in multiple modes. Students are responsible for reading and responding to all materials presented in class and are additionally responsible for 1,000 pages of "outside" reading (reading and reporting on books not directly associated with the curriculum of the class) per semester. Please feel free to browse the syllabus for the class at


English 11: English 11 is a study of American authors, commingled with an Introduction to College Writing 101. Students may opt to take the 101 portion of the course as Dual Credit with the University of Idaho. A link to the syllabus can be found on the weebly page at The work in the class, whether taken for college credit or not, is quite rigorous. Students will be expected to read complex texts with increasing independence over the course of the year, and they will be expected to discuss and write detailed analyses of multiple texts. For the 2015-2016 school year, I have taken out the outside reading requirement because of the dearth of in-class assignments now required.


English 12: Senior English rounds out students' Language Arts education at KHS with an opportunity to engage in deliberate and disciplined academic discourse at a collegiate level. The class is offered for English 175, Introduction to Genres, credit through the University of Idaho. Students will read an assortment of complex and historically important texts. Our discussions and writings regarding those texts will encourage academic struggle with nebulous ideologies and philosophical approaches. The link to the syllabus and course materials may be found at


Senior Project: We have returned to having the senior project as a separate class. This will help prepare students to conduct more in-depth and meaningful research. You may find a copy of the Senior Project Manual and the Appendices on the Senior English site (


Sports in American Culture: SAC returns first semester with an increased emphasis on how sports has helped form the American ethos. The class is offered for Humanities credit and spans histor, literature, culture, and art/performance. My recent trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, has me more excited than ever before to offer this class. You may find information about the class at





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